Inspired by Balance

CasperBlog, Enjoy

When I lived in Hamburg, I went to the International School there. Without really realizing the value at that time, we had the opportunity to participate in Art classes as part of our curriculum. During the last years (’88 and ’89), some of my friends and I took Art quite seriously and many amazing things were created. But, of course, Art was also just fun. For me, it was the exploration of photography and graphics resulting in endless hours in the dark room of the basement at school. And yes, this was before Photoshop and digital media… Nonetheless, it remains an invaluable foundation for my daily portion of photographic fun.

Even though I never explored video in Art class (or later for that matter), there was one short film that inspired me in many ways in those years in Hamburg. It popped out of my gray matter during the relaxing Christmas holidays and was quickly found on Youtube. Take a look, it is Balance by the Lauenstein brothers from… Hamburg.

Edit: Unfortunately the video has been removed from YouTube due to “terms of use violation” but I see it is regularly put up again by others. If you search you will find.