Une course dans l’après-midi à Cannes

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I am in Cannes for a few days for a symposium. I arrived early on Sunday and took the opportunity to take an afternoon run along the coast, along the boulevard de la Croisette. I enjoyed my evening run in Hyde Park during a business trip back in July, so i figured in Cannes I would try this again. But I did not realise that everyone (particularly families and old people) go for a stroll along that same boulevard… It was extremely crowded. Even though I managed to plow through the crowd, I found a small footpath, right in between the road and the strolling boulevard (see the picture on the left). So there’s a tip for you if you want to run on Sunday afternoon in Cannes. I directed myself towards the harbor to run along the massive and impressive boats and yachts. It was much quieter there but the ships were an incredible distraction. I noticed that even amongst all this excessive display of wealth, the economic downturn is having its effect. Many boats were for sale or rent and parked around the corner I spotted a “Marine Discount supplies” van. On the other hand, this harbor also shows that there still is plenty of money going around! And from there, Cannes looks great from a distance.