10km run in the dark

CasperEnjoy, Running

Usually I do my running training in daylight. But as fall has arrived, the evening trainings have become a run in the dark. And tonight, I ran a relaxed recovery run to prepare for a 15km next Sunday. 14 degrees, slight breeze and no overcast; perfect running conditions. In the dark you focus on sounds (critters scurrying in the grass along the road, even heard bats flying by), on what you feel (I stepped on a smudgy thing that felt like an overly sized horse poo) and on the little bits you can see (an owl flying closely nearby).  But best of all, the clear skies and the pitch black darkness are perfect for admiring the stars; just give your eyes a chance to adjust to the (lack of) light. When you’re running through open areas and you look up, the horizon curves around you like it does with a wide-angle lens. Tonight there were thousands of stars, truly impressive.

Man, I love running…

OK, that’s enough adrenalin driven rambling 🙂